JoyBombs Sour Fruit 2.5mg 40pk – 100mg

Hybrid THC: 100mg
Photo of JoyBombs Sour Fruit 2.5mg 40pk – 100mg

Satisfy your sweet (& sour!) tooth with Sour Fruit Joy Bombs! Every pouch includes an explosive mix of tart tangy mouth-watering flavors: Green Apple Pink Lemonade Blue Raspberry & Watermelon! Joy Bombs Candy-Coated Fruit Chews are purposefully dosed to help you dial in or stack the milligrams and effects that you want – but good luck trying to eat just one! With 2.5mg THC in each bite-sized piece you can micro-dose for days or nom the whole pouch for a 100mg adventure! Perfect for sharing Joy Bombs’ signature sugary shell means they’ll melt in your mind but not in your car or pocket. They’re the UNGUMMY you’ve been waiting for!


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed