Fox Tales

Fox Tales Dosi Poison Badder

Hybrid THC: 74.34%


Photo of Fox Tales Dosi Poison Badder

Derived from Do-Si-Dos and Face Off OG comes Dosi Face. With light green buds and orange pistils this sativa dominant strain has both an earthy aroma and flavor. Dosi Face may provide an amplifying and relieving sensation. The aroma is earthy with a flavor to match.

A cross of the landrace strain Durban Poison and White MAC, this GC Unique Palisade Poison pays homage to our neighbors in the plateau of western Colorado. Palisade Poison is known for an elevated, yet level high. Light and dark green buds covered in orange pistils have a sweet, floral smell and a sweet, earthy taste. This proprietary sativa typically leaves users with sensations of energy and relief.

Photo of Fox Tales Dosi Poison Badder


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed